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The tale unfolds with the inception of the White Rabbit Corp (WRC), a pioneering force in cybernetically-assisted lagomorphic technology & distribution.

Here enters "Bruiser," a cybernetic entity blending human and rabbit attributes, designed to serve as the enhanced sentient workforce for WRC and the first HPPR created. The plot thickens as WRC, seeking to amplify production, resorts to the illegal cloning of "Bruiser," resulting in the creation of thousands of HPPRS.
As some HPPRS remained loyal to their creators, a faction began to rebel. Some assumed more aggressive roles, sparking rebellions, while others opted for escape, leading simpler lives in seclusion.

Tensions escalated when WRC, recognizing their inability to quell the rebellion, introduced the PCKR Drone, internally referred to as HPPRS 2.0 or HPPR Killers. These drones not only replaced the original HPPRS model but were rendered mindless, fully under the control of WRC.

This conflict has placed HPPRS in a precarious situation, as they unite both as friends and foes. Engaging in mischievous tasks, they confront WRC in a battle that unfolds with unpredictable twists and turns.

Rabbit originals, Human essentials | 2021

How Did We Get Here...

Many logos. Same brand. It took us a while to find our "face", but it was all worth the wait.